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Senior Project Information - Previous Projects List

Fall 2017 Information: The Senior Project (Physics 492) Course Website for Fall 2017 is hosted on D2L. Dr. Cabanela is the Senior Project Coordinator for Fall 2017.

Senior Project Description

The goal of the senior project is to not to simply allow you to perform research, but to provide you an opportunity to choose a problem and then design an experiment or simulation to solve or explore the problem. The Senior Project consists of:

  1. An experiment or simulation designed to investigate or solve a problem in physics, astronomy, or engineering.
  2. A professional quality paper describing the project and its results.
  3. A public talk describing the project and its results.

Senior Project Coursework

Senior Projects in our department have two associated courses that majors must take to graduate.

  1. Physics 342 (Introduction to Research): This course, taken the Spring semester of the academic year BEFORE students intend to graduate, is the course in which students develop their Senior Project Proposals, select the members of their committee, and outline their plan for doing their Senior Projects.
  2. Physics 492 (Senior Project): Taken the Fall of academic year they intend to graduate, this is the course here students actually complete their Senior Project.

List of Previous Senior Projects

Want to know what other students have pursued or are currently pursuing as their senior projects? Check out this list.

Senior Project Proposal Cover Sheet
- (Word DOCX)

This is the Senior Project Proposal Cover Sheet you are expected to fill out and attach to your Senior Project Proposal. It is normally filled out as part of the coursework for Physics 342.