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Physics News Feeds for Tuesday April 13, 2021

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Alnitak and the Flame Nebula
April 12, 2021

Alnitak and the Flame Nebula What lights up the Flame Nebula? Fifteen hundred light years away towards the constellation of Orion lies a nebula which, from its glow and dark dust lanes, appears, on the left, like a billowing fire....

Scientific American Physics Feed (Top 5 items)

  1. Is the Standard Model of Physics Now Broken? (Wed Apr 7 12:00 pm)
    The discrepancy between the theoretical prediction and the experimentally determined value of the muon’s magnetic moment has become slightly stronger with a new result from Fermilab. But what... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com ...
  2. Big Physics News: The Muon g-2 Experiment Explained (Wed Apr 7 11:00 am)
    Particles called muons are behaving weirdly, and that could mean a huge discovery. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  3. Long-Awaited Muon Measurement Boosts Evidence for New Physics (Wed Apr 7 10:00 am)
    Initial data from the Muon g-2 experiment have excited particle physicists searching for undiscovered subatomic particles and forces -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  4. Long-Awaited Muon Physics Experiment Nears Moment of Truth (Wed Mar 31 10:00 am)
    A result that has been 20 years in the making could reveal the existence of new particles and upend fundamental physics -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  5. Unexplained Results Intrigue Physicists at World's Largest Particle Collider (Thu Mar 25 10:00 am)
    Muons and electrons might not experience the same fundamental interactions, contrary to Standard Model predictions -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

PhysicsWorld Headline News (Top 5 items)

  1. Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission (Thu Feb 22 8:27 am)
    New device could boost telecommunications and be adapted for photonics
  2. Japan's SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions (Wed Feb 21 8:45 am)
    Revamped accelerator will soon be smashing electrons and positrons together
  3. Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel (Wed Feb 21 8:10 am)
    New material is made by compressing treated wood
  4. Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light (Tue Feb 20 10:06 am)
    Technique could be used to create quantum-information systems
  5. Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last (Tue Feb 20 7:55 am)
    Breakthrough could lead to new type of energy source

EurekaAlert Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Sciences News (Top 5 items)

  1. Researchers' work will help the pipeline industry limit the destructive power of bubbles (Mon Apr 12 11:00 pm)
    (University of Waterloo) Researchers have answered key questions to help prevent damage and improve the safety of hydraulic systems used for pipelines, water turbines and other applications.
  2. Scientists watch 2D puddles of electrons emerge in a 3D superconducting material (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) The emergence of 2D puddles of superconductivity within a 3D superconductor may be an example of how 3D superconductors reorganize themselves just before undergoing an abrupt shift into an insulating...
  3. UConn researchers find bubbles speed up energy transfer (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (University of Connecticut) An international collaboration of scientists witnessed bubble-mediated enhancement between two helium atoms using ultrafast lasers. Their results are now published in Physical Review X.
  4. Researchers engineer probiotic yeast to produce beta-carotene (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (North Carolina State University) Researchers have genetically engineered a probiotic yeast to produce beta-carotene in the guts of laboratory mice. The advance demonstrates the utility of work the researchers have done to detail how a suite...
  5. Scientists reveal COVID-19 news, next frontier in fighting substance abuse, more (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (Experimental Biology) Want to find out the latest insights into COVID-19, explore new medicines for fighting substance abuse or delve into cultural challenges facing the scientific community? The Experimental Biology (EB) 2021 meeting is your...

EurekaAlert Space & Planetary Science News (Top 5 items)

  1. City, University of London consortium wins highly competitive ESA funding (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (City University London) Professor Nabil Aouf will spearhead the project titled, 'Artificial Intelligence Techniques for guidance, navigation and control (GNC) Design, Implementation and Verification' (AITIVE-GNC).
  2. Global warming could lead to the melting of more than a third of Antarctic ice shelves (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (University of Liege) A new study conducted jointly by the ULiège Climatology Laboratory and the University of Reading (England) suggests that 34% of the Antarctic ice shelves could disappear by the end of the century if the planet warms up...
  3. New study: Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords (Sun Apr 11 11:00 pm)
    (Stockholm University) A new study shows that thick sea-ice can increase the sensitivity of Greenlandic fjords to climate warming. Understanding the factors that control how fast glaciers move, break up and deposit chunks of ice (icebergs)...
  4. Differences of cloud top height between satellites and ground-based radar revealed (Sat Apr 10 11:00 pm)
    (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) A new study presents an initial quantitative comparison of cloud top height between satellite and ground-based radar over the Tibet Plateau and provides a scientific guidance...
  5. Life on Venus? First we need to know more about molecules in the atmosphere (Sat Apr 10 11:00 pm)
    (University of New South Wales) To confirm life on other planets, we need to detect far more molecules in their atmospheres than we currently do to rule out non-biological chemical processes.

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